Workshop Leaders

Schmidt Sheri

Sheri Lyn Schmidt

Sheri has been a Social Justice Educator in secondary and higher education for 25 years. Through administrative roles as the Director of Equity and Social justice at the Ethel Walker School and The Coordinator of Diversity Education at Texas A&M University, she developed innovative curricular and co-curricular programs for faculty, students and staff. As faculty at The University of Massachusetts and Smith College she taught graduate and undergraduate level courses about systemic oppression. She earned her doctorate in Social Justice Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with research focusing on teaching about systemic racism and the intersections of stratification beliefs and conceptualizations of racism.

Williams Alison

Alison Williams

Alison’s educational and professional experience have been dedicated to social and community empowerment. Earning a degree from Arizona State University, her studies were concentrated in social work and restorative justice practices. Thus far in her career, her work has been dedicated to creating inclusive learning environments within schools, training educators in cultural competency and awareness, and teaching comprehensive sexuality education to both middle school and high school aged youth. Her practice is guided by an understanding of intersectionality, systems of oppression, and empathy. She currently is working at The Nueva School, as their associate social justice educator.

Barclay Alegria

Alegria Barclay

Alegria’s 20-year career as an educator is founded upon a steadfast commitment to social justice and an abiding belief that creativity and communication combined can bring about social change. She graduated from UC Berkeley where she was a core member of June Jordan’s Poetry for the People. During and after college, she worked in the non-profit sphere: first, creating poetry and art with kids of all ages, then, educating teens on sexual violence. She has been a teacher in public and independent schools for 14 years and believes that the best means to engender meaningful and enduring change is through an educational model founded on empathy, intersectionality, and critical analysis. She currently works at the Nueva School as the Social Justice & Equity Coordinator.