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"The 2017 Equity and Inclusion Institute was the best professional development training week I have participated in as an educator with 10+ years of international experience. The institute was conducted in a manner that made it possible for anyone to access the information regardless of their experience with these thought-provoking topics. I left with a tool kit ready to apply to my own teaching methods and infuse into our school's curriculum."

Megan Shelton
Middle School Teacher and Spanish Curriculum Coordinator at Spring Hill School



"The Nueva Equity and Inclusion Institute was a unique experience that only lasted a few days, yet has left an ongoing impact in my Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work. As part of a DEI committee at my school, I find myself often sharing in meetings or proposing new ideas with the starter sentence of, "We could try something I learned last summer at Nueva." The facilitation and tone of the entire institute was so welcoming and engaging, all while exploring hard topics such as the various systems of oppression and how we, as educators, can teach and live in more critically conscious ways. I value the time I had at the Institute and continue to use many of the resources, knowledge, network and language I received there."

Reyna Smith
Middle School Counselor at Francis W. Parker School


"The Equity and Inclusion Institute gave me the opportunity to explore how systems of oppression can affect both my life and everyone else's lives in America. Through this exploration of the ways that we are divided, I found myself feeling incredibly connected to the other attendees – almost as if the semi-transparent curtains of our daily lived experiences were able to be drawn to the side after they had been so clearly identified. This connectedness, this feeling of spontaneous community – that's what makes me want to come back."

Sam Modest
2nd Grade Teacher at The Nueva School


"What a wonderful week! The Institute allowed us to delve deeply into a range of Social Justice issues and how they relate to our work as educators. It also provided opportunities for individual introspection, personal reflection, and the building of strong connections and relationships with fellow educators and fellow diversity practitioners across the country. From personal stories to specific classroom tools, it was truly an enriching experience to be able to learn from so many others."

Ben Sobol-Chang
High School Spanish Teacher at The Nueva School


"The Equity and Inclusion Institute provided a great space for learning, reflection and action-planning focused in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The format of the institute is one that is non-judgemental, meeting participants where they are at and giving them tools to return confidently to their school communities with tangible skills. I still keep in touch with many of the participants that attended. That alone speaks to the safe environment that the Equity and Inclusion Institute provided."

Ralinda Watts
Director of Multiculturalism and Inclusion at Buckley School



"I was so grateful for the space that Alegria, Sheri, and Alison created each day. From opening activities to closing conversations, I was consistently made to feel challenged, inspired, and thoughtful around deep questions of identity, race, class and gender. I loved connecting with the other participants and have continued working with them during the school year."

Tom McFadden
Middle School Science Teacher at The Nueva School



"The Equity and Inclusion Institute is geared to beginners and experienced diversity practitioners and educators. The institute resonated for me because I appreciated the diversity within the facilitators and the topics presented. It was interesting, refreshing and reaffirming to hear various lenses of experiences presented at the conference while discussing the many layers of systemic racism and how best to dismantle. The practical exercises are wonderful takeaways I have incorporated in my work this year. The Equity and Inclusion Institute is a powerful week of learning and reflecting with a wonderful group of people."

Latoya Allen
Associate Director Lower School Admissions & Director of Community Engagement at Riverdale Country School